So before my stunning friend aka classmate Nicola went to school, she sent me a few pics of her incredible school-streetstyle today. Unbelievable that everything she’s wearing is from H&M. This white cardigan is actually really furry and you feel like you’re wearing your pet around, it costs approximately 35€. The good thing about this cardigan is that you can combine it to everything. 35€ may seem expensive to some but it’s totally worth it. To that furry awesomeness you can wear this cute blouse, which you can buy for 20€. The pencil skirt and the Tights cost each only 10€! And last but not least, These Jeffrey Campbell imitations are available for something like 35€. 

Get to know beautiful Nicola on her Instagram.

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  • 8 months ago
  • Feb 10,2014
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