Behind the Scenes at New York Fashion Week

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Despite featuring photo after photo of stylish people dashing between fashion shows, Adam Katz Sinding's (@le21eme) Instagram bio reads, “This is NOT a street style blog.” He’s not joking. “I like to think I’m documenting a zeitgeist,” he says. “Something we can look back on and remember beyond the clothing and fashion. Maybe feel something.”

Documenting every fashion week is different. “In Italy you have lots of color and flare,” he says. “Paris is minimal (but still amazing) and New York City is insane. Crazy humidity. We run for photos. Like run run. Not jog. It’s a lot of fun but it’s also really dangerous with the traffic. Some of us get hurt but I think it’s worth it.”

And London Fashion Week? “It’s very multi-faceted,” he says. “It’s not like New York City, Milan or Paris. The people are very creative and often quirky. It’s nice.”

“ I think since the heroin chic phase when Kate Moss became well known, there has been this trend towards using young models who have sort of adolescent body types. I think there are a number of possible explanations for that. Some people have suggested that, in the age of the supermodel era, when Christy Turlington and Naomi Campbell were walking the runways, that the runway shows became more about the models as celebrities than it was about the clothes. And there was a sense that the models were actually distracting people from the clothes, and ultimately the purpose of a runway show is to showcase the collection and peddle garments. So now that there are these models who are young and interchangeable and rather anonymous, and whose bodies are more like coat hangers, then that takes the attention away from the model and puts it back on the clothes, which the designers are trying to sell. ”

—    Underage Models, Cheap Labor And Creepy Backstage Photos: The Campaign To Fix Fashion Week (via vogueanon)

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